Colleges and Universities Offering Master of Science in Astrophysics and Relativity in Ireland

  • Course Name: Master of Science in Astrophysics and Relativity()
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Institutions Offering Master of Science in Astrophysics and Relativity

  • Dublin City University Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Modes: Full-Time

    Duration: 1 Year Full-Time or 2 Year's Part - Time

    About the Course:
    The course involves three main strands: Astrophysics, Relativity, and Computational Science and Data Analysis. All topics are covered in the first semester of the course, laying the foundations for development of these topics in the second semester. The course allows students to specialize in either General Relativity or Astrophysics.

    Specializing in General Relativity allows you to study both astrophysical and fundamental physical properties of Black Holes, including gravitational collapse, the laws of black hole mechanics and Hawking radiation. You will learn about the generation of gravitational waves by the collision of black holes and other astrophysical processes and their propagation across the universe. You will also learn the science behind their detection by ground- and space-based observatories.

    Students specializing in Astrophysics will study High Energy Astrophysics, Galaxies, Exoplanets, and will supplement this knowledge with the study of observational techniques. You will learn about the formation and evolution of galaxies. The study of exoplanets provides the fascinating prospect of discovering life outside our solar system: you will learn what we know about exoplanets and how we know it. In relation to High Energy Astrophysics, you will study the processes that lead to the emission of X-rays and gamma-rays from different sources, and how these are detected.

    The study of these specialisms is supplemented in semester two by the study of Cosmology, which is of importance to both Astrophysics and Relativity. Here, you will learn about the origin and evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to the present, and study the unresolved problems of dark energy and dark matter. You will learn about the different observations of our universe’s near and distant past, and how these are used to infer the past and future behaviour of the universe as a whole.

    As part of the programme, all students undertake a project in a chosen area of Astrophysics or Relativity. Students are individually supervised by academics and researchers from CfAR, and apply their theoretical and computational skills to cutting edge research in Astrophysics and Relativity. In addition, by completing the project, students will develop transferrable skills in relation to research, technical writing and scientific communication.

    All students will also take modules in Computational Physics and in Data Analysis. As well as supporting your study of Astrophysics and Relativity, these modules will equip you with skills in computing and in analyzing ‘big data’ that are of immediate relevance in a wide range of careers, including information and communications technology, engineering, banking and finance.

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