Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Performing Arts in South Africa

  • Course Name: Diploma in Performing Arts(Performing Arts)
  • Major Subject: Performing Arts
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Performing Arts

  • Oakfields College Oakfields College, Pretoria  
    Course name: Diploma in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre)

    Course content:

    Acting I

    • Anatomy I

    • Ballet I

    • Body Condition I

    • Contemporary I

    • History Of Arts I

    • Jazz I

    • Music Studies I

    • Musical Theatre Studies I

    • Pas De Deux I

    • Singing I

    • Tap I

    • Communication Studies

    • Entrepreneurship

    Acting II

    • Ballet II

    • Body Condition II

    • Creative and Artistic Direction

    • Contemporary II

    • History Of Arts II

    • Jazz II

    • Music Studies II

    • Musical Theatre Studies II

    • Pas De Deux II

    • Singing II

    • Stagecraft

    • Tap II

    • Performance l

    Acting III

    • Arts Administration

    • Ballet III

    • Body Condition III

    • Contemporary III

    • Creative and Artistic Direction

    • History Of Arts III

    • Jazz III

    • Music Studies III

    • Musical Theatre Studies III

    • Pas De Deux III

    • Singing III

    • Tap III

    • Performance ll

    • Work Integrated Learning

    Course requirements:
    (i) Audition

    (ii) NSC endorsed with minimum entry requirements for admission to diploma study

    Program duration: Three years

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