Colleges and Universities Offering Flight Instructors Rating Course in South Africa

  • Course Name: Flight Instructors Rating Course(Flight Instructors Rating)
  • Major Subject: Flight Instructors Rating
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Flight Instructors Rating Course

  •  Starlite Aviation Group, Durban   
    Entry requirements

    A valid Commercial Pilot Licence or an Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Training can commence whilst you are in the process of completing your CPL.

    Practical training

    (i) 20 hours of practical flight instructor training (patter) of which 5 hours may be completed on a Simulator

    (ii) 20 hours of ground briefings

    (iii) Pass a practical skills test in lecturing and air exercises with a Designated Flight Examiner

    (iv) Pass the Instructor and ground evaluation test

    The following 2 exams require a pass mark of at least 75%:

    (i) Applied Meteorology and Navigation

    (ii) Principles of Flight and Legislation

    Course duration: 3 to 4 months
  •  Johannesburg School of Flying, Johannesburg  
    Course requirements

    (i) You must hold a valid Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot License.

    (ii) Complete 20 hours of Flight Instructor Patter (Learning to teach on the right side of the cockpit while providing feedback to the student).

    (iii) Pass 2 theoretical online examinations.

    (iv) Do at least 80 hours of Flight Instruction Briefings and preparation, and compile your own personal Instructor file.

    (v) You will then be recommended to do a combined theoretical and practical flight test with a Designated Flight Examiner.

    (vi) Once all requirements are met, all documentation is sent to the CAA and a fee must be paid in order to include the instructor rating in your License.
  •  Eagle Air Flight School, Pretoria  
    Course requirements

    (i) Students must be at least 17 years old.

    (ii) Students must be eligible to live in South Africa.

    (iii) International students must have a study VISA.

    (iv) Student must be proficient in English.

    (v) Students must have a valid ID or Passport.

    (vi) Students must pass an Aviation Medical Exam

    (vii) Eagle Air has no academic requirements.

    (viii) Mathematics, Physical Science and Geography will be a great benefit – but this is not compulsory.

    Course duration: 84 days
  •  43 Air School, Port Alfred  
    Course name: Grade III Instructor Rating

    Pre-entry requirements

    (i) Have satisfied the theoretical knowledge examination requirements of SA CATS

    (ii) 61.12.3(1) Hold a valid SA-CAA Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)

    (iii) Ipad, with iOS 7 or higher

    Final qualifications

    Grade III Instructor Rating
  •  Paramount Aviation Academy, Bethlehem   
    Course requirements: A valid Commercial Pilot Licence

    Students need to have passed in the following subjects with alteast 75%:

    (i) Applied Meteorology & Navigation

    (ii) Principles of Flight & Legislation
  •  Progress Flight Academy, Port Elizabeth  
    Course Duration: 4 months.
  •  Africa Aviation Academy, Germiston  

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