Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in South Africa

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology(Sociology)
  • Major Subject: Sociology
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology program offers students a comprehensive understanding of society, its structures and dynamics. Students delve into areas such as;
i. Social inequality
ii. Cultural diversity
iii. Social change
iv. Research methodologies
Learners therefore develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Graduates of this program can pursue various career opportunities including:
1. Social researcher
2. Human resources officer
3. Community development worker
4. Policy analyst
5. Social worker
6. Market researcher
7. Public relations officer
8. Non-profit organization coordinator
9. Urban planner
10. Sociologist

By exploring sociological concepts and theories, graduates are equipped to address social issues, engage in social research and contribute to community development and policy-making.

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

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