Colleges and Universities Offering Voice Training Course in South Africa

  • Course Name: Voice Training Course(Voice Training)
  • Major Subject: Voice Training
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Voice Training Course

  •  Cityvarsity School of Media and Creative Arts, Cape Town   
    Vocal training for radio

    Course content

    (i) Introduction to the course and a breakdown/overview of radio

    (ii) Hard sell, soft sell, news radio, advertising and character work.

    (iii) Interview techniques and procedures.

    (iv) Basic anatomy as it applies to the functioning of the human voice, and principles and techniques for good voice production.

    (v) Vocal warm-ups, body work and breathing, and connecting the sound with the breath.

    (vi) Creating resonance, freeing the voice, articulation and muscularity.

    (vii) Applying voice work to text, focusing for performance and rehearsal

    (viii) Writing for radio

    Fees: R 3 995,00

    Course duration: 8 weeks
  •  Progressive Music, Dance and Art School, Selcourt  
    Registration fees: R3500

    Tuition fees:

    (i) Option 1-Monthly

    (a) Single private student-R 499,00

    (b) Double group class-R 400,00

    (ii) Option 2-quarterly

    (a) Single private student-R1400,00

    (b) Double class group-R1150,00

    (iii) Option 3-Yearly

    Registration fees is not applicable for option (iii)

    (a) Single private student-R5500,00

    (b) Double group class-R4400,00
  •  Nu Song Music, Drama and Art School, Pretoria  
    Exams: Students can do internationally accredited exams in Singing through
    Trinity College London or Rockschool London.

    Fees: R650 per month for 4 sessions of 30 minutes each
  •  Legacy School of Music, Cape Town   
    Admission fee: R500


    (i) 30 minutes-2087.25 per term

    (ii) 45 minutes-3130.88 per term

    (iii) 60 minutes-4174.50 per term
  •  Performance Academy , Johannesburg  

    (i) R 210 per 30 minute lesson

    (ii) R 250 per 45 minute lesson

    (iii) R 280 per 60 minute lesson
  •  Jamrock Music Academy, Cape Town   
    Admission fees: R250.00

    Fees: R1980.00 per term or term fee can be paid in 3 installments of R660.00 per month
  •  Master Music , Johannesburg  
    Registration fees: R200


    (i) 60 Minutes,R420 per lesson

    (ii) 40 Minutes,R320 per lesson
  •  The Music School , Durban   
  •  ANUA School of Music and Performing Arts, Benoni   
  •  Musical Minds, Pretoria  

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