Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Interior Design in Nigeria

  • Course Name: Certificate in Interior Design(Interior Design)
  • Major Subject: Interior Design
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Interior Design

  • Simplinteriors School of Interior Design Simplinteriors School of Interior Design, Lagos  
    Course content:

    (i) Introduction to Interiors Design

    (ii) Principles and Elements of Interior Design

    (iii) The Interior Design Process

    (iv) Fundamentals Of Space Planning: Learn About Balance, Visual Weight, And Scale.

    (v) Color Mastery, Psychology and Combination In Interior Design

    (vi) Practical Interiors Design Work With Project Assignments

    (vii) Client Management: Communication Skills, Listening to client and Helping to bring their requirements to Life

    (viii) Proposal Development, Quantification and Costing

    Our institution also offers a professional certificate in Interior Design and Entrepreneurship which covers the following elements:

    (i) Financial management

    (ii) Client service

    (iii) Marketing

    (iv) Painting and decorating

    (v) Working with colour

    (vi) Window treatments

    (vii) Space planning

    (viii) Materials Selection

    After a successful period of study, graduates will have the ability to do the following:

    (i) Understanding the properties of colour and how the use of colour affects our interior environment.

    (ii) Growing interiors design Business

    (iii) Developing the vocabulary appropriate to interior design in order to communicate their ideas effectively.

    (iv) Solving design problems and an understanding of the needs for different projects—from corporate to residential

    Course duration: One month
  • Decor and Rainbow International Creative Agency Decor and Rainbow International Creative Agency, Lagos  
    (i) The Accredited full time course in Interior Design takes 38 weeks including UK Internship

    The fees is 600,000 Naira

    (ii) The non-accredited full course in Interior Design takes 24 weeks and students are required to pay 300,000 Naira

    The following are the short courses under Interior Design,their duration and fees required:

    (a) Wood Flooring and Tiling

    (i) Fees: 75,000 Naira

    (ii) Course duration: Four weeks

    (b) AutoCAD

    (i) Fees: 75,000 Naira

    (ii) Course duration: Four weeks

    (c) Wall Finishes

    (i) Fees: 75,000 Naira

    (ii) Course duration: Four weeks

    (d) Soft Furnishing

    (i) Fees: 75,000 Naira

    (ii) Course duration: Four weeks

    (e) Lighting

    (i) Fees: 75,000 Naira

    (ii) Course: Four weeks
  • De' Calibre Interior Design Training Institute De' Calibre Interior Design Training Institute, Lagos  
    Regular Training Classes:
    Duration – 9 weeks

    Days : Mondays & Wednesdays
    Time : 9:00am – 12:30pm
    Start/End Date : August 22nd – 24th Oct 2018
    Weekend class –

    Days : Saturdays
    Time : 9:00am – 3:00pm
    Start-up Date : 24th August to 27th Oct 2018

    Special/Crash Course classes:
    Duration – 4 weeks

    Days : Mondays & Thursdays
    Time : 9:00am – 12:30pm
    Start/End Date : Aug 22nd – 21st Sept 2018
  •  Continental Aviation School (CAS), Abeokuta  

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