Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Film and TV Production in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Film and TV Production(Film and TV Production)
  • Major Subject: Film and TV Production
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Film and TV Production

  • SAE Institute  SAE Institute , Cape Town   
    Course name: Higher Certificate in Digital Film Production

    The course covers the following areas:

    (i) Film Studies

    (ii) TVC (Television Commercial)

    (iii) Digital Film Production

    (iv) Adaptations

    (v) Creative Project

    (vi) Documentary Production

    (vii) Digital Film Post-Production

    (viii) Motion Graphics

    (ix) Digital Imaging

    (x) Visual Effects (VFx)

    Those who take this program gather the skills below:

    (i) Directing

    (ii) Editing

    (iii) Sound Replacement & Design

    (iv) Concept Development

    (v) Screenwriting

    (vi) Camera Operation

    (vii) Production Management

    The program is meant to prepare graduates to work as:

    (i) Grip

    (ii) Lighting operator

    (iii) Screenwriter

    (iv) Boom Operator

    (v) Editor

    (vi) Camera operator

    (vii) Assistant Director

    (viii) Producer

    (ix) Compositor and Visual Effects Artist

    Program duration: One year

    The following short courses are also offered:

    (i) Guerilla Video Production ( Fees: R 8,000

    (ii) Photography and Lightroom Foundations( Fees: R 6,000)

    (iii) Feature Film Scrip Writing (Fees: R 5,000)

    The above short courses take eight weeks.
  • Cityvarsity School of Media and Creative Arts Cityvarsity School of Media and Creative Arts, Cape Town   
    Introduction to DSLR film-making

    Course content

    (i) Introduction to Cinema (Brief History of Cinematography and Film)

    (ii) Basic Film Grammar

    (iii) Introduction to Cause and Effect

    (iv) Intro to DSLR Camera as Filmmaking Tools (Pros and Cons)

    (v) Tripod and Grip Equipment

    (vi) Exposure Controls (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture)

    (vii) Lenses

    (viii) Digital Video Explained (Frame Rates, Resolution, HD vs SD, PAL vs NTSC)

    (ix) Colour Temperature and White Balance

    (x) Lighting Introduction (Different Kinds of lights, 3 Point Lighting System)

    (xi) Shot Composition

    (xii) Basic Filmmaking Technique (Action Axis Rule, Master Scene Technique)

    (xiii) Conceptualising a Video (Developing a Concept and Basic Treatment, Basic Intro to a Script)

    (xiv) Creating Shot Lists, Story Boards and Floor Plans

    (xv) Shooting Practical (Filming a Game of Pool)

    (xvi) Introduction to Editing (The Grammar of the Edit)

    (xvii) Learning The Basics Of Premiere Pro

    (xviii) Using Premiere Pro To Edit Your Practical

    (xix) Exporting Your Pool Scene

    Fees: R 4 995,00

    Program duration: 4 weeks
  • Revolution Media Academy Revolution Media Academy, Johannesburg  
    Duration: 2 years

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Grade 11 or an NQF level 3
    -Computer literacy
    -English language (spoken and written)

    Module Overview:
    1. Level 4
    -Math Literacy
    -Team Work and Time Management
    -Sound Operations
    -Apple Mancintosh Skills (Computer Tech)
    -Basic Video Editing Skills
    -Customer Care & Media Law
    2. Level 5
    -Team Work & Time Management
    -Business Communications
    -Media Law & Ethics
    -Sound Recording & Design (Advanced) (*Nuendo Software)
    -Camera Operations
    -Video Editing (Advanced) Software Specific* Adobe Premiere
    -Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects)
    -Vision Mixing
    -Floor Managing & Directing
    -Film & TV Producing
  • Creative Arts College Creative Arts College, Durban  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -Matric (NQF Level 4) or RPL (Computer Knowledge is advantageous)

    Course Outline:
    -Film Analysis,
    -Camera Overview,
    -Chroma-key (Green / Blue Screen),
    -Proposal & Pitching,
    -Television Budgeting,
    -Visual Effects,
    -Script Development,
    -Lighting Design
  • AFDA,The School for the Creative Economy AFDA,The School for the Creative Economy, Johannesburg  
    Course name: Higher Certificate in film, TV and entertainment production

    Entry requirements:

    (i) National Senior Certificate (South African Grade 12 / Matric) with entry into a Diploma or Higher Certificate.

    (ii) If you don't meet the qualifications above, you may be able to qualify to complete and pass the AFDA Entrance Exam.

    Program duration: One year
  • College of Audio Engineering College of Audio Engineering, Cape Town  
    Duration: 12 weeks

    Minimum entry requirement:
    • Literacy & Numeracy
    • A passion for creating music/beats
    • Computer Literacy

    Course Overview:
    -Computers and Components
    -Fundamentals of Writing
    -Pre Production
    -Post Production

    Tuition fees: R 13,500.00
  • Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology, Johannesburg  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Grade 12 or NQF Level 4 of Further Education and training Board
    -English language(Spoken and written)
    -Physical Science at NQF Level 4
    -Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3

    Tuition fees: R 1,600 p/m
  • Footprint Media Academy Footprint Media Academy, Johannesburg  
    1. FET Certificate
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Computer Literate

    2. National Certificate
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -NQF 4 : Film and TV Production Operations
  • Gauteng City College Gauteng City College, Johannesburg  
    Duration: 12 months

    Course Overview:
    -Directing 1,
    -Producing 1,
    -Film Production 1,
    -Lighting + Sound 1.
    -Electives: Camerawork, Lighting + Sound 2, Editing 1, Scriptwriting 1, Film Production 2.
  • Digital Media Arts College Digital Media Arts College, Johannesburg  
    Course entry requirements
    -Grade 12 or a NQF level 4 equivalent qualification
    -Computer literacy
    -English language (spoken and written)
    -Film aptitude

    Course duration: 1 year

    Mode of study
    -Part time
    -Full time
  • Getpix Creative College Getpix Creative College, Benoni  
    Film making course

    Required equipment

    (i) Tripod

    (ii) Video camera

    (iii) laptop

    (iv) Adobe Premier Pro

    Course duration: 6 months

    Fees: R39 000
  • Hillcross Business College Hillcross Business College, Johannesburg  
    Duration: 2 years

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -Grade 12 – Matric,
    -A senior certificate or
    -National Certificate (N3) or a relevant Nated equivalent qualification

  • London College of Engineering and Technology London College of Engineering and Technology, Johannesburg  
  • PAS Media Academy PAS Media Academy, Bloemfontein  

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