Mogadishu University details

  • Address: Administration Building, Km4 - Hodan District.
  • Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Telephone Number: +252-699777440
  • Telephone Number 2: +252-1-858118
  • Email Address:
  • University Website:

About Mogadishu University

The dream of opening Mogadishu University became a reality in 1997 and it was officially opened in a small room in the presence of four of the founding members and five teaching staff

Programs and courses

Masters Courses (1 courses)

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Why Join Mogadishu University

Our mission
-To instill hope in the Somali society impaired by the collapsed state institutions and civil war, and revitalize community- based initiatives.
-To educate and nurture creative generations committed to peace, good governance and Community services.
-To encourage intellectual and scholarly developments, and foster openness to a wide range of ideas.
-To integrate social and Islamic values, scientific knowledge, and technical skills required for sustainable development of Somalia.

Faculties and Schools

(i) Faculty of Political science and Journalism

(ii) Faculty of Sharia and Law

(iii) Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

(iv) Faculty of Arts and Humanities

(v) Faculty of Computer Science and IT

(vi) Faculty of Economics and Management

(vii) Faculty of Education

(viii) Faculty of Engineering

(ix) Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

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