Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in GISc&T in South Africa

  • Course Name: Diploma in GISc&T()
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  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in GISc&T

  • Esri South Africa Esri South Africa, Midrand  
    Accreditation: DHET

    Duration: 3 - 5 years


    Level 1 Modules

    -Introduction to Information
    -Introduction to Human, Physical and Environmental Geography
    -Practical Geography
    -Map Use and Evaluation
    -Practical Map Work
    -Applied Mathematics for GISc
    -Basic Statistics for GISc
    -Physical Science for GISc
    -Introduction to Geo-information Science
    -GIS Basics

    Level 2 Modules
    -Spatial Data Models
    -GIS Data Structures for Data Acquisition
    -Principles of Map Design
    -Advanced Analysis and Map Design
    -Projections and Coordinate Systems
    -Map Projections
    -GPS and Land Surveying
    -Basic GPS Knowledge
    -Data Quality and Standards
    -Data Editing and Standards
    -Data Manipulation
    -Spatial and Attribute Data Transfer Methods
    -Introduction to Database Management Systems
    -Building a Spatial Database

    Level 3 Modules

    -Analytical Methods
    -Topics in Advanced Spatial Analysis
    -Advanced Analysis and Map Design
    -Terrain Analysis
    -Terrain Analysis Practical
    -Remote Sensing
    -Practical Applications of Remote Sensing
    -Introduction to Programming
    -Introduction to Geo-processing Scripts using Python
    -GISc&T Ethics and Law
    -Sharing GIS content on the Web
    -Data Considerations for Map Design

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