Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in South Africa

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology(Anthropology)
  • Major Subject: Anthropology
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology program offers students an in-depth understanding of human societies and cultures, exploring various aspects such as social organization, cultural beliefs and historical developments. Students gain insights into the diversity of human experiences studying subjects like;
-Biological anthropology.
Graduates of this program are equipped with critical thinking, research and analytical skills, making them well-prepared for diverse career opportunities.

Possible career paths for Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology graduates include:
1. Anthropologist
2. Archaeologist
3. Cultural Resource Manager
4. Museum Curator
5. Community Development Worker
6. Social Researcher
7. International Aid Worker
8. Academic Researcher
9. Human Resources Specialist
10. Cultural Consultant

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

  • University of Johannesburg University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg  
    Admission requirements: A Degree with a major in Anthropology and a final course mark of at least 65% in the particular discipline.

    Duration of programme: 1 year
  • Rhodes University Rhodes University, Grahamstown  

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