Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design in South Africa

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design(Visual Arts)
  • Major Subject: Visual Arts
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design program equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of visual communication design. This degree focuses on developing students' artistic abilities while also teaching them how to effectively convey messages through various visual mediums such as;
-Graphic design
Students will gain a deep understanding of design principles, digital software and visual storytelling techniques.

Upon graduation, students can pursue a range of exciting career opportunities in the creative industry including:
1. Graphic Designer
2. Art Director
3. Visual Communication Specialist
4. Branding Consultant
5. Advertising Designer
6. UX/UI Designer
7. Creative Director
8. Illustrator
9. Exhibition Designer
10. Packaging Designer
11. Web Designer
12. Multimedia Artist
13. Motion Graphics Designer
14. Print Production Manager
15. Marketing Coordinator

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Communication Design

  • Prestige Academy Prestige Academy, Cape Town  
    Course Outline:

    First Year:
    Visual Imaging Studies 1 (History of Design, Graphic Design & Typography, Digital Illustration)
    History of Photography
    Photography Theory
    Applied Photography
    Image Creation and Composition (Adobe Photoshop)
    VisCom Design Business 1
    Presentation Skills
    Contextual Info Design 1
    Creative Thinking
    Foundations of Drawing
    Academic Literacy

    Second Year:
    Visual Imaging Studies 2
    Graphic Design & Typography (Layout & e-Print Production)
    Photography Theory 2
    Applied Photography 2
    Viscom Design Philosophy (Graphic Communication as Art / Photography as Art / Project Design)
    Viscom Design Business 2
    Professional Practice
    Contextual Info Design 2
    Statistical Methods

    Third Year:
    Visual Imaging Studies (Digital Illustrations, Image Manipulation & HTML/WordPress)
    Graphic Design and Typography
    Creative Art Direction in Context
    Contextual Info Design 3
    Research Methodology
    Work-integrated Learning

    Course Duration: 3 Years
  • Stadio Higher Education Stadio Higher Education, Helderkruin  

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